Industrial Automation

Established in 1990, Steelman Engineering has built an unrivalled reputation on innovative design, responsive customer service and superior craftsmanship.We have over 10 years hands-on experience in Industrial Automation. Our portfolio of services and products have benefited many industry sectors and improved production throughout the UK.


We at Steelman pride ourselves in our customer care, as we feel it's important to make sure the client is happy with the service and products that we provide and feel it's important for our clients to have a proffessional service from start to finsh.

We pride ourselves in attention to detail and
most of our products are bespoke and  made for the client’s specific needs.


Celebrating over 25 years in Business we at Steelman have experience of working on projects worldwide.

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To increase productivity, reduce health and safety risks, while improving the look of your shop floor, we recommend installing scrap bins at each workstation.

Scrap bins can vary from paper waste bins to extra heavy-duty forklift ready bins for foundry use. Bins can be static, mobile with wheels or moved by forklift.

Individual requirements can be assessed and recommendations made as to which bins would be best suited to your operational requirements.



work stations

Steelman Engineering manufactures the frame for all benches from SHS steel. Joints are fully welded for strength and durability and drilled feet allow the bench to be secured to the floor.

We assess your work requirements to determine which type of framework and work surface would be best suited to your operation. Examples of work surfaces are steel plate, steel coated plywood or melamine.

Other options include information backboards, storage cabinets, drawers, shelves and lockable swivel castors.



Steelman Engineering manufacture trolleys that are designed to address your every need.

We will look at your company's specific requirements and propose individual designs that work!